The Civil Defense

Brooklyn-based recording studios; Jeremy Scott, engineering and production

Some people I've worked with:

Aa (Big A Little a), Achten, Adult Themes, All Strangers, Alpha Kids, Air Waves, Antimagic, Antler, AudioAmor, Aza Nizi Maza, Big Fur, Black Lagoon, Nicole Borger, Brasilia, Callers, Cassie Ramone, Cause Co-Motion, Christines, City Limits, Cuddle Machines, Dances, Darren Kucera, Dessert Storm, Eleanor Reissa, Family Curse, Fiya, Flaws, forgetters, Frank London, Frankie Rose and the Outs, Gators, Gold Bears, Gunners, Guts for Garters, Half Moon and the Serpent, Happy New Year, Hilly Eye, Holopaw, Human Potential, Ice Orgy, Ina!Ina!, Invisible Days, Jangula, Jon and Phil, Journalism, K-Holes, LastEuropaKiss, Lemonade, Lidia Stone, Life-Sized Maps, Little, Big, Lungs of a Giant, Luxa, Mahogany, Meneguar, The Meteor, Miami Ice Machine, Miracles, Moon Men, Mother of Three, Muggabears (Grooms), Nervous Systems, Night Manager, No Omega, Normally Important, NT, Numerators, Olde Ghost, Our Heads are Helmets, Passive Aggressor, Peter Woods, Pony Express, Pterodactyl, Pursesnatchers, Putting on the Ritz, Rice, Sharabi, Static Era, Sisters, Small Reactions, Starring, Steve Shiffman and the Land of No, Tatters and Rags, Teenage Nightwar, Teengirl Fantasy, The Call Boys, The Flag, The Good Good, The Mercury Program, The R+D, The Sanctuaries, The Studio Era, These Days, These are Powers , The The The Thunder, The Stoned Ambassadors, The Tony Castles, Total Slacker, Tropics, V Ultra Lounge, Vana Mazi, The Vaycays, Vivian Girls, Weekends, Weird River, Wigmaker's Son, Wild Arrows, Woods, Xray Eyeballs, Young Ruins, Your Youth, Yvette, Zulus. Voice in movies and animation.