The Civil Defense

Brooklyn-based recording studios; Jeremy Scott, engineering and production

I currently operate primarily out of two spaces, which can allow us to optimize your budget, working out the best sounds possible and allowing time to do it right.

::::::::The Civil Defense (Greenpoint, Brooklyn).

The perfect spot to migrate to after doing basic tracking. This is a mixing, production, and overdub studio perfectly suited to mixing and vocal/guitar/synth tracking. All of our vintage gear has been recapped and regularly maintained.

1979 MCI JH-528c. 28 channels. Transformer in and out. Huge sounding. Tons of classic records were done on these in the late 70s/early80s. Recapped in 2011. 

Tape machine:
Ampex MM-1200 (2" 16-track, fully recapped in 2013. Discrete audio path. Pretty much the burliest tape machine ever made, except maybe a 3m M56). Perfect for getting some vibe on tracks done elsewhere.

Speakers--Event Opals, Yamaha NS-10ms
Power amps--Adcom
Headphones--Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and AKG headphones

Digidesign HD Native system running Pro Tools 10HD/Logic Pro 9/Ableton 9/Digital Performer 8. 32in/out via 2 Lynx Aurora 16 converters (16ch w/ Logic and DP), Clocked with an Antelope Isochrone OCX HD. 3.2 GHZ quad Mac Pro. Altiverb, Soundtoys, Universal Audio octo card and plugs, lots of other good stuff. 

AKG 451 (vintage w/ ck1 x2)
AKG c-414 eb (x2) (w/ ck-12 capsules like in a C12)
Akg D-20
Avenson Omni (x2)
Beyer m201
Beyer m380
Calrec 1050 (x2)
Coles 4038 (x2)
Electrovoice 635a
Karma micro (x2)
Lomo A19A9
Peluso 2247LE tube mic
Sennheiser md 421 (x3)
Shure sm57 (x3)
Shure sm7b
Various junk mics, telephone mics, etc.

ADM 780 (2ch w/1540 eq)
API 312 (4ch)
API 554 EQ (2ch)
API 553 EQ clones (2ch)
Classic API VP-25 (2ch) 
Chandler Germanium 500
Chameleon labs 7602 mic pre/eq (2ch)
Don Classics 250eq (Sontec/GML style eq in 500 format, 2ch)
Eisen Audio LilPEQR (x2, original with Neve transformers)
Hamptone HVTP2 tube preamp, (2ch)
Magnacorder PT6-J 1950s tube preamp
OSA 312 preamps with api transformers and Jenson 990s
MCI 500, Jenson transformer-based preamps. Modifed and all discrete (28 ch)
Neve 1290 (Original 1073 preamp section; 4ch)


AC Sound PYE compressor clone (2CH)
AC Sound PRR-176 (vari mu stereo comp based off UA 176--coming soon)

ADR Compex
ADR Scamp S01 (4 ch, Compex compressors w/F300 expanders)
ADR S31 VCA Compressors (agressive VCA comps; like Compex 2)
ADR Dual gates (x2)
Daking 91579 Fet Compressor/Limiters (x2)
ElectroHarmonix NY-2A tube opto compressor

Federal AM864-U
Gates Sta-Level
Little Labs VOG bass resonance tool
McMartin broadcast limiter
MXR Dual Limiter (2ch)
Shure Level Loc
Serpent Audio LA3a clone (2ch)
Universal Audio 1176LN (x2 w/ original UTC transformers)
Universal Audio LA3A (x2)
Valley People Dyna-mite (2ch)


ADR S23 panscan autopanners (x2)
Deltalabs Effectron II
DIY Recording color modules (saturation/distortion) (x2)
Furman RV1 spring reverb
Lawson LP-140 Plate reverb, recapped in 2013 w/ new electronics by BAE)
Lexicon PCM 41
Lexicon Prime Time 93 (x2)
Lexicon 1300s stereo delay/limiter
Micmix Master Room Spring Reverb (huge 4ft spring reverb)
Multivox multiecho (tape delay and spring reverb) 
Overstayer NT-02A Saturator (2ch)
Publison DHM 89 B2 delay
Ursa Major Space Station
Ursa Major Stargate reverb
Yamaha REV-7
Yamaha SPX90


Arp String Ensemble
Korg MS-20
Korg Poly 6
Moog Concertmate
Moog Source
Multivox String and Brass
Roland Juno 60
Sequential Circuits Six Trak


::::::::Signal Corps Recording (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

Great tracking and mixing room in Dumbo. Superlative gear: Burl converters, ATC monitors, 1960s all-discrete WSW/Siemens console, EMT Plate, and a great outboard and mic collection that includes a bunch of classic mics like Neumann U67 and CMV.

You can find more info on the studio here. Any outboard or synths from The Civil Defense above can be used here as well.